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Marketing Services

First time access to fresh new names of motivated, emerging consumers that are more likely to respond to your preapproved offers.   With ApproveData Credit Prescreen, you can now segment and qualify our database of underserved consumers to:

  • Select geographic, demographic and risk criteria to reach a new target market
  • Increase response and activation rates
  • Boost revenues and profitability
  • Control costs by marketing only to those consumers who meet your unique credit criteria


ApproveData’s services, accessed through our self-service platform, allow you to target prospects based on:

  • Tradeline data on non-prime, underserved consumers
  • Public records
  • Risk and other scores
  • Geographic  selects



Credit Prescreen – A credit qualified list is extracted from ApproveData’s consumer file that matches credit criteria you submit through our web portal.  Each name returned to you must receive a firm offer of credit on a net down basis.

Credit Data Attributes – You may request database attributes to be returned with a prescreen list for internal analysis.

Credit ScoresYou may request scores to be returned with a prescreen list for internal analysis.

Post Screen – You may verify that a consumer who has responded to a firm offer of credit remains compliant with the original criteria.

Suppressions – You may suppress names from the prescreen process. Standard options include: prior prescreens, existing customers and uploaded files.

Receive your FREE ApproveData Risk Segmentation Score Distribution Report

This is a simple database population analysis, represented by percentages of the overall ApproveData population, distributed across score bands and represented graphically.